Belt Conveyors for Bulk Handling

Belt Conveyors represent the largest quantity and fixed asset value of any category of bulk handling equipment in nearly every heavy industry, commonly used to transport materials between different processes or locations. Because of the high need and relative simplicity, idler conveyors are the most common conveyor produced for practically all industries. These same idler conveyors constitute one of the largest annual cost expenditures for clients with regard to their bulk handling systems.

Bulk Conveyors are basically the same across industries. Even within any industry, one must know how to deal with many materials. Cement involves sand, cement, clinker, clay, limestone, and many admixtures. Agricultural involves grains, cereals, beans, kernels, DDGS, and many other products, often on the same conveyor. Other industries are similar. Nearly all entail dust management.

The same technical principles apply to all belt conveyors with the one exception being the means of low friction belt support: slide, roller, or air bearing. Slide belts are not part of this discussion. Success in the conveying business requires a working knowledge of these principles. The Belt Conveyor™ Design Team has more than 100 combined years of bulk handling and belt conveyor experience.

As with any product, cost is a factor in its sale; in the case of conveyors, it’s common for a few percent to separate competing bids. A successful team understands not only how each component works, but how its design affects cost. The further down the value chain, the more critical value engineering becomes, and conveyors are near the bottom.  This can even vary by industry. What’s acceptable in one will be rejected by another industry. Aggregate conveyors will not meet the standards of the power industry; conversely we’d never sell a coal conveyor to an aggregate plant. Some industries are heavily specified where others are very loose. Not understanding the differences can be costly.

It has been demonstrated that, done right, air supported belts can be applied in nearly any industry to transport almost any material. Most companies appear to have acted only from experience and learning from others rather than scientific development. The Belt Conveyor™ Design Team has identified and created patented solutions for all key areas of their conveyor. The Belt Conveyor™  is a simple design with very low operating cost and unparalleled operating advantages.